Blogger: How to Get Api Key for Disqus Comment Count?

Update : 2024

Disqus already have comment count widget for each post without opening whole embedded comment block via javascript called count.js, this feature is great for anyone who uses the disqus load on clicks or who wants to show post comment count after any post link and etc. Disqus count.js calling count-data.js this has disadvantage. The Count have update delay 10 15 minute after someone post a comment in your box and we have no option to speedup that delay as it controlled by Disqus it self.

Another option is using Disqus API to get Comment Count, it will update immediatly after someone post in your comment. but this one as basic plan, only have 1000 callback per hour. Thats mean 1000x uses of this key per hour. And this is how to get an API Key.

  • After login on disqus , look at the bottom page link with "API" text and choose "Application" or simply visit
  • Click on "+ Register New Application" , fill all required field, then Click on "+ Register My Application".
  • Upon completion, you will get new interface which is "Setting Tab".
  • Look for "Domain" box in Setting section. and fill your site url eg: without http:// or https://. This box will give permission on what site is allowed for using our public api key.
  • Click on "+ Save Changes" and on the next interface we obtain our Disqus Public API Key and Disqus Secret Key.