Latihan Soal Modal dan Modal Perfect Bahasa Inggris

Update : 2024

Modal adalah bagian dari auxiliary Verb ( kata kerja bantu) yang diperlakukan seperti kata kerja bantu. Fungsinya adalah memberikan tambahan pada kata kerja. Penggunaan Modal selalu diikuti oleh kata kerja bentuk pertama  tanpa to (infinitive without to).

Nah, sebelum beranjak menuju soal latihan tentang Modal dan Modal Perfect, akan saya ulas terlebih dahulu tentang Modal dan Modal perfect melalui ringkasan berikut ini.


  • Menyatakan kemampuan ( ability). Contoh: He can swim well.
  • Menyatakan ijin (permission).Contoh : Can I borrow your car?
  • Menyatakan kemungkinan. Contoh : He can be at home at noon
  • Bentuk lampau dari Can. Contoh : Jim could sing a song when he was young.
  • Permintaan yang sopan. Contoh : Could you help me now?
  • Kemungkinan . Contoh : She could be very busy at that time.

  • Menyatakan ijin ( permission). Contoh:  May I read the novel?
  • Menyatakan kemungkinan ( possibility). Contoh : She may forget about the order.
  • Menyatakan permohonan atau harapan. Contoh : May you both the happy.
  • Bentuk lampau dari may. Contoh : She said that I might go home early.
  • Menyatakan kemungkinan besar. Contoh : She might be at home today.
  • Menyatakan kebutuhan ( necessity). Contoh : Students must obey the school rules.
  • Menyatakan kesimpulan ( conclusion). Conttoh : He must speak English fluently because he has been lived in England for years.
  • Menyatakan "akan" dalam benttuk future tense. Contoh : I shall go to Jakarta tomorrow.
  • Menawarkan bantuan. Contoh : Shall I open the window?
  • Menyatakan janji. Contoh : I shall meet him tomorrow.
  • Menyatakan bentuk lampau dari shall. Contoh : When she came to my house I should go.
  • Anjuran. Contoh : You look weak and pale. You should take a rest for a while.
  • Menyatakan  " akan " dalam future tense. Contoh : I will go to Jakarta next week.
  • Permintaan yang sopan. Contoh : Will you go with me?
  • Menyatakan bentuk lampau dari "will". Contoh : He would be a manager before he retired.
  • Permohonan yang sopan. Contoh : Would you please help me?
  • Menunjukkan hasrat atau keinginan bila digabungkan dengan kata "like". Contoh :  I would like tto meet your parents.
  • Menunjukkan kata lebih suka, bila digabung dengan kata "rather". Contoh : I would rather be a doctor than a politician.
Modal Perfect

Must + have + V3
Untuk menyatakan suatu kepastian atau kesimpulan tentang sesuatu terjadi pada masa lampau ( past conclusion)
Contoh :
The oil was frozen. It must have been very cold last night.

Might + have + V3
Untuk menyatakan kemungkinan yang terjadi pada masa lampu ( past possibility)
Contoh :
Linda came late this morning, she might have missed the bus.

Should + have + V3
Untuk menyatakan saran yang seharusnya dilakukan pada masa lampau (past suggestion)
Contoh :
This is Rina's midterm semester but she saw the movie last night, she should have been studying for her exam.

Could + have + V3
Untuk menyatakan kemampuan ( capability) untuk melakukan sesuatu pada masa lampau tetapi tidak digunakan.
Contoh :
We didn't go out last night; we could have gone to the cinema but we decided to stay at home.
Mr. John was rich; he could have bought a car if he wanted.

Bila sudah memahami dan mengerti penggunaannya, silahkan dilanjutkan pada soal latihan berikut ini. Jumlah soal ada dua puluh butir soal, dengan beragam pemakaian bentuk keduanya.


1. She knew everything we had been discussing. She _____ us.
could overhear
should have overheard
might have overheard
would have overheard

2. The whole kitchen was still dirty. Ann ____ forgotten to clean it
should have
might have
must be
would have

3. The traffic regulations in the U.S. are different from those in Indonesia. In the U.S. you _____ drive on the right side of the road.

4. The thief ____ into the room through this window because there are footprints near tthe window.
should get
may get
must have got
would rather get

5. The doctor ____ arrives late because of traffic jam.
ought to

6. They have lost all their possession in the fire; they ____ a hard time now.
must be having
used to have
may have bad
ought to have

7. Last year the couple could save much money, otherwise, they ____ to make a tour around the world this year.
can't afford
could afford
could not have afforded
will afford

8. She didn't answer when I knocked on the door. She ____ sleeping.
may be
can be
might have been
may have been

9. Why doesn't she go home? She looks pale and tired. She _____ take a rest and sleep.

10. There is no outside the theatre; the performance _____ .
must have started
ought to have started
should have started
was to started

11. When we go home, we found the front door open. Somebody _____ entered the house while we were away.
would have
must have
should have

12. She was sneezing all the time. She ____ a cold.
ought to have
must have been
is to have
should have been

13. Jim gets the best mark in the examination. He _____ hard for it.
might study
could study
must have studied
should have studied

14. The picture is not here anymore; it must have ____ .
been taken away
been taking away
being taken away
take away

15. His English is very good. He _____ quite a lot.
should practise
will have practised
must have been practising
ought to practise

16. "The doctor promised to come at seven but he isn't here yet." " He ____ some patients."
may still have
must be having
used to have
would still have

17. Since he has already borrowed the book for one month, _____ it right away.
he'll have returned
he would returned
he was returned
he should return

18. He asked me whether he ____ my car to go to the party.
can borrow
might borrow
may borrow
would borrow

19. He told me about Japan. He ____ there for a long time.
must have lived
might be living
ought to have lived
should be living

20. "Mom, May I play outside with m friends?"
"No, You ____ stay in bed until the fever is gone"
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Demikian latihan soal pada penggunaan Modal dan Modal Perfect, Semoga bisa bermanfaat bagi anda yang sedang mempelajari bahasa Inggris atau bagi yang sedang mempersiapkan menghadapi tes bahasa Inggris khususnya pada materi Modal dan Modal Perfect.

Semoga bermanfaat.