Latihan Soal Materi Conditional Sentence Bahasa Inggris

Update : 2024

Conditional Sentences dalam bahasa Indonesia disebut juga dengan kalimat bersyarat atau pengandaian. Ada tiga jenis kalimat pengandaian yaitu tipe pertama, tipe kedua dan tipe ketiga. Ulasan materi pengandaian dalam latihan soal ini akan kami bahas secara singkat saja untuk merefresh kembali materi pengandaian yang juga sudah kami ulas sebelumnya.
 Conditional Sentences dalam bahasa Indonesia disebut juga dengan kalimat bersyarat atau p Latihan Soal Materi Conditional Sentence Bahasa Inggris

If Clause 

Type 1
  • If I have lots money, I will go around the world  ( Present tense - future)
  • If it rains, I drive (present tense - present)
  • If the man comes, go ( present tense - imperative sentence)

Type 2
  • If he didn't agree, I wouldn't go  
  • You wouldn't leave if he were here*

*Dalam penggunaan If clause type 2, penggunaan subjek I, He, She , It, menggunakan bentuk "Were" 

Type 3
  • We could have gone out if the weather hadn't been so bad
  • If it had not rained yesterday, I would have bought some books

If Clause dengan menggunakan bentuk Inversi

If clause pada kalimat pengandaian tidak harus dimulai dengan bentuk kata IF, bentuk IF juga bisa dihilangkan dengan menggunakan bentuk inversi atau pembalikan. Bentuk inversi hanya bisa digunakan pada kalimat pengandaian type II yang memiliki bentuk "were" dan pengandaian type III.

Pada type II, letakkan were atau should di awal kalimat.

Contoh :
  • Were not I busy, I would accompany her. ( If I were not busy, ...)
  • Were she at home, they would visit her. ( If she were at home, ...)
  • Were she sick, she couldn't do the homework. ( If she were sick, ...)
  • Should we ask her, she would marry him soon. ( If we ask her, ...)
  • Were I to find the book, I would give it to you. ( If I found the book, ...)
  • Were he to ask her, she would marry him soon. ( If he asked her, ...)

Pada type III, letakkan "had" di awal kalimat

Contoh :
  • Had we had enough time, we should have gone together. ( If we had had enough time, ...)
  • Had it not rained, he would have arrived. ( If it had not rained, ...)
  • Had he studied hard, he would have passed the exam. ( If he had studied hard, ...)
  • Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. ( If I had not seen it with my own eyes, ...)


1. If you _____, I shall be very happy.
had gone
don't go
weren't going
didn't go

2. If she prepared the lesson, she ____ her examinations.
will pass
would pass
would have passed

3. I could never have finished my project if my friend _____ me.
didn't help
doesn't help
hadn't helped
hasn't helped

4. You will not lose your way if you ____ a city map.
will use
would use

5. Had I not quarreled with my brother, I _____ his car.
could borrow
could have borrowed
can borrow
will have borrowed

6. It would have been easier for him to get a job if he _____ a computer course.
has taken
had taken

7. If the car ____ in better condition, we would make a long trip now.
had been

8. Had they invited fewer people, the party _____ at their house.
could have held
could have been held
might have held
may have been held

9. If there ____ traffic light at this intersection, there wouldn't be so many accidents.
will be
would be

10. He didn't pass the exam. If he had studied harder, he ____
can pass
could pass
will pass
could have passed

11. He ____ if I had not invited him.
may not come
might not have come
should not come
must not come

12. If the player scores another goal, the result ____ a draw.
is to be
will have been
would be
will be

13. If I had come to the music festival, I _____ Via Vallen there.
will have met
would have met
should have met
would meet

14. If I didn't visit them, they ____ angry.
may be
can be
will be
might be

15. If he spoke very clearly, people would understand him.
It means that ....
people understand him
people didn't understand him
people don't understand him
people will understand him

16. "If i had seen you when you passed me in the street, I would have said hello.
We may conclude that ....
I don't see you
I didn't see you
I see you
I say hello

17. I wish I had known that Rina was ill. I would have gone to see her.
It can be concluded that ....
I know that she was ill
I don't know that she was ill
I didn't know that she was ill
I knew that she had been ill

18. Many people could have rescued from the landslide if immediate help had arrived.
It means that ....
a rescue team came immediately to help the victims
a lot of people died because of the landslide
many people rescue themselves from the landslide
the landslide didn't harm anyone

19. Berta : If I had known that you were in Semarang, I would have shown you the beauty of Taman Indonesia Kaya at night.
Andini : _________
Thank you for showing Taman Indonesia Kaya at night
Thank tou, I really enjoy it
I'm sorry, I didn't have time to tell you that I was in Semarang for business trip
That's a good idea

20. Were the doctor here, he would immediately examine our father.
It means ....
Our father is being examined by the doctor
Our father has been examined
The doctor is not here but our father is examined
The doctor is not here so our father cannot be examined
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