Latihan Soal Materi Causative Verbs Bahasa Inggris

Update : 2024

Causative verbs merupakan sekelompok kata kerja yang digunakan untuk menyatakan permintaan akan suatu hal kepada seseorang. Ada beberapa macam bentuk Causative Verbs seperti Have, Get, Make, Want, Help, dan Let.

Inilah contoh soal materi causative yang sering dimunculkan dalam tes bahasa Inggris masuk sekolah kedinasan. 
Soal No. 1
“Tono is a lazy boy.”
“Yes, he always wants _____ for him.
A. everything  done
B. having done everything
C. to have done everything
D. everything having been done
E. to have everything done
Pembahasan : Pada soal diatas, menggunakan kata “want” dalam causative, maka rumus yang digunakan adalah    Subject +  want  + pro (noun) + V3, jawaban yang tepat adalah everything done
Jawaban : A
Soal No. 2
“ What a lovely gown  you’re wearing!
Do you make it yourself?”
“No, I ______”
A. to be made
B. had it made
C. had to make it
D. had to made it
E. having made it
Pembahasan : Penggunaan causative have digunakan pada soal diatas, rumus yang digunakan adalah Subject +  have ( any tense)  + Complement + V3, sehingga  jawaban yang benar adalah had it made.
Jawaban : B
Soal No. 3
The curtains are dirty, we _____ at the dirty cleaner.
A. must have washed them
B. have washed them
C. must have them washed
D. are washing them
E. washing them
Pembahasan : Pada soal diatas, kita lihat pilihan jawaban menggunakan causative have, sehingga rumus yang digunakan adalah  Subject +  have ( any tense)  + Complement + V3, maka jawaban yang paling tepat adalah  must  have them washed
Jawaban : C
Soal Latihan Causative Verbs Bahasa Inggris
Berikut dua puluh soal latihan Causative Verbs yang bisa dikerjakan untuk melatih kemampuan pada materi ini. Tinggal klik pada jawaban yang benar, skor dan kunci jawaban akan muncul pada saat selesai mengerjakan soal. Latihan dapat dikerjakan melalui laptop maupun smartphone anda.

OK, langsung saja berikut latihan soalnya.

1. I don't know how to arrange these flowers; I'd rather ____ .
have to do it
have it done
have done it
do it

2. As he hates shopping, he always has ____ .
done it for someone
someone has done it
someone do it
to do it for someone

3. Father gets the plumber ____ the leaking tap.
to fix

4. "I'm having trouble with my laptop again. I've done everything I can but It doesn't work properly."
"Why don't you have Andy ____ it?"
to fix

5. " This cake is delicious; Is it home-made?"
"You know it isn't; ____ ."
I baked it myself
Linda asked me to bake it
I had Linda bake it
I had to bake it

6. "The curtain of my room needs washing."
" Well, go to the laundry and ____ ."
wash them
they are washed
it should wash them
have them washed

7. "Can you send the letter ffor me? I'm in a hurry."
"Don't worry, I will have Bima ____ it for you.
to fax

8. "It is impossible to translate the whole book by yourself.".
"You're right. I'd like to ____ a part it for me."
you have translated
you have to translate
have you translate
have been translating

9. "I fixed the light in the bathroom yesterday, but it went out again today."
"Why don't have an electrician ____ it?"
to check

10. "Is no one living with your grandfather in that house?"
" No and he ____ anyone do anything for him for years."
never had
has never had
never has
will never have

11. Because she is ill, she wants ____ into her room.
to have her breakfast brought
to have brought her breakfast
having her breakfast brought
she brings her brreakfast

12. The fact that he was put into prison for something he had not done made his wife ____.
to cry

13. The schoolmaster had the students ____ their lessons before the exam.
to review

14. Ayunara has beautiful plants in her garden, but they all seem to be dying. I am sure that she ____ .
seldom has them watered
has asked somebody to water them
never has to water them
has always watered them

15. A : "I like your garden. It is well-maintained."
"Do you still have time to tidy it?"
B : Of course not, ____ twice a week."
I have tidied it
I have to tidy it
I have it tidied
I ask someone tidy it

16. "I can't read this letter. I don't understand French at all."
" Oh dear! I don't either, but let's _____ "
translate it
have it translate
get it translated
have translated it

17. My mother has all dresses made because ____.
she is a dress maker
she cannot sew at all
she likes sewing
she cannot afford to pay a dressmaker

18. "Is your car new?".
"No, I ____ at my brother's garage."
had only painted it
had to paint it only
only had it painted
had been asked to paint it

19. "Where's your car?".
"I ____ ."
have serviced it
let service it
have it serviced
let it service

20. I don't have much time to do all my household work, so I always ____ .
have helped somebody
have to help somebody
have somebody help me
help somebody

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