6 Unique Indonesian Traditions for Celebrating New Year's Eve

Update : https://bit.ly/ 2024

iTapuih.com - 6 Unique Indonesian Traditions for Celebrating New Year's Eve. We will soon welcome the new year and leave the old year. New year's Eve will certainly feels the more exciting when we celebrate with family and friends especially with our beloved couples. Usually a variety of events in the host to enliven the new year's Eve created communities in parts of the world.

In welcoming the new year's Eve, usually the Indonesia will conduct various unique traditions and customs often performed each year. Mimin this time will discuss the nih about the Unique tradition of 6 People Indonesia Welcomes the new year, which of course you guys certainly never do it or may be mandatory in every new year's Eve. Check it out?

1. Staying up While Bakar-Bakaran

Hear the words of the new year, is sure to have friends or family who asked "want what fuels this evening". Certainly the tradition of the bakar-bakaran new year's Eve when many in the community do especially in indonesia, what lest's just in indonesia Yes?
Usually this bakar-bakaran tradition in doing while waiting for hours right turn of the new year. Usually this bakar-bakaran also accompanied the chicken, corn or other food that can burn. Just do not burn the House huh?

2. The convoy Vehicles

In the area of the capital may have been rare in the unique traditions met this one, in karenakan many of capital at a time when new year's Eve event content with Car Free Day. But in some other areas still doing convoy vehicle.

Many of young people makes this vehicle convoy mandatory agenda every night of her new year. Typically they will also install exhaust bronk or racing for their vehicles. Beware there is a pack of police?

3. Watch music concerts

New year's Eve also definitely jazzed up with various large concerts taking place in some areas to entertain the community until the turn of the year arrive. The concert was also diramaikan by the great musician in the homeland and in the broadcast Live on television. Usually the House of Agnes singles will spend new year's Eve to watch the concert, which also:D on TV

4. The Fireworks

Every new year's Eve celebrations, Fireworks is very identical to the moment of the turn of the new year. It has indeed become a tradition throughout the world community. In fact, in every country already have Fireworks typical of their country specifically to enliven the new year. Waw!

5. Blow the trumpet in the new year

The tradition of blowing trumpet ranging from children to adults, all of whom love to blow a trumpet when new year's Eve. Especially when the seconds-23.59 seconds to 00:00 turn of the year is already underway. Everything will blow the trumpet took turns and mutual said responded. Prettt prettt!

6. Shopping Discount%

This custom most nih mimin yourself wait, namely Shopping the discount end of the year. At every turn of a new year, all mall and shopping centers each other race to provide cheap discount for items they are selling.
No doubt the hunters any stuff abounds meets the mall around the country. Especially for those whose hobby is shopping, of course these moments will be very valuable for them. 50% discount, discount 99% hehe.

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