Perbedaan Such ... that dan So ... that

Update : 2024 - 3 Contoh Dialog atau Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Asking Permission Beserta Terjemahannya. Berikut ini akan diterangkan perbedaan such ... that dan so ... that dalam kalimat bahasa Inggris. Perhatikan dua contoh kalimat berikut ini:
That was such an amazing car that amazed everybody.
The car was so amazing that everybody felt stunned.
Dari dua kalimat di atas kita bisa tarik kesimpulan bahwa: such ... that dan so ... that digunakan untuk menyampaikan sebab akibat.

Bedanya hanya terletak pada penempatan Part of Speech. Setelah kata such diikuti noun phrase (kata benda), sedangkan setelah kata so diikuti adjective (kata sifat).

Jika dibuat rumus sederhana akan menjadi seperti di bawah ini:
Such + Noun Phrase + That
So + Adjective + That

Contoh kalimat menggunakan Such ... That:
He is such a good boy that we always miss him.
Ratna is such a smart girl that she always wins a competition.

Contoh kalimat menggunakan So ... That:
The rain was so heavy that I was afraid to go out.
The man was so scared that he worried to watch the movie.

Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan perhatikan penjelasan di bawah ini tetntang perbedaan Such ... that dan So ... that.


Also expresses a cause and effect.

such + (adjective) + NOUN + that


Cause: It was a great movie.
Effect: I watched it several times.
It's such a great movie that I've watched it several times.
(great-adjective, movie-noun)

Cause: She is a very charming woman.
Effect: Everybody stares at her.
She is such a charming woman that everybody stares at her.
(charming-adjective, woman-noun)


It expresses a cause and effect.

So + adjective/adverb + that
I was so sleepy that I couldn't keep my eyes open.

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Cause: It was too windy.
Effect: We couldn't go sailing.
It was so windy that we couldn't go sailing.
(windy- adjective)

Cause: My sister is very shy.
Effect: She hides behind my mother when there are strangers around.
My sister is so shy that she hides behind my mother when there are strangers around.
(shy- adjective)

Cause: The dress was wonderfully designed.
Effect: I couldn't take my eyes off it.
The dress was so wonderfully designed that I couldn't take my eyes off it.
(wonderfully- adverb)

Note: such a very charming... "very" is dropped.

So...that is used with quantifiers (many, much, few, little) even if there is a noun.

I have so many friends that I never get bored.
He has so much money that he can buy whatever he wants.